Micro-Lim That Applied to LSR & PDMS & EPOXY Without Dosing System Equipment.

Issue 167   2020-03-18

The applications of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) have gradually increased due to its excellent property and weather ability. We provide the high-performance LSR cold runner system and cold deck to the industries in the electronics and appliances, construction, automobile, and medical products, etc. The common used products include pacifier, medical equipment, kitchen utensil, headset, buttons, seals and dive masks, etc.
In addition to LSR cold runner systems, we also provide the Micro-LIM without LSR dosing system equipment, which can not only save your equipment cost, but also make samples quickly. “Micro-LIM” is a high precision injection molding machine that can perform injection molding of transparent high-purity liquid silicone rubber (PDMS). The molding operation is completed in 3 minutes, achieving overwhelmingly superior productivity compared to casting.
Main Specifications of Micro-LIM:
.Mold Clamping Force:2 ton
.Dimensions:W495 x D530 x H915 (mm)
.Target Materials:LSR, PDMS, EPOXY
.Drive:Motor, Air
.Control:3 Speed rates, 2 Pressure setting, Position / Pressure switchover control, etc.

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