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Low-Speed Crushing Machine C-S210 / 260 / 310 / 420 SB

Category : Plastic Crushers

Low-Speed Crushing Machine C-S210 / 260 / 310 / 420 SBDetails

Metal Detecting Separators - SMS

Category : Separators

SMS series metal detecting separators are highly sensitive and accurate in detecting and separating metal grains, such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, lead, tin, etc. It can be installed directly...Details

Other Auxiliary Equipment

Category : Control Equipment

Develop control system of other plastic machinery, such as extruder, bottleDetails

Screenless Granulators - SG-14/24N/24T

Category : Granulators

SG-14/24/24T series granulators operate in super low speed to cut materials into well-proportioned granules. There are least dusts produced in the cutting process. Multiple security devices ensure ...Details

XY Auto-Spray System - AS-100XY

Category : Spraying Equipment

Special design nozzle could apply activator evenly on the transfer film when dipping with minimum water fluctuation.Details

Hydraulic Baling Press

Category : Press

The bale press was specially designed for the packing of woven sack application with easy operation. Finished bales are suitable for domestic or international transportation. Special pressing capac...Details

High-accuracy Mini-sized Automatic Cutting Machine-APL-300

Category : Foaming Machinery

●Well-designed and Stabilized Bottom Dead-point Accuracy:
Specially designed machine structure and basic machining method, which provides extremely high cutting accuracy and stability.

800 Rewind Slitter Rewinder FSL-TX Series

Category : Slitters and Rewinders

800 Rewind Slitter Rewinder has been purposely designed for large rewinding OD requirement, for slitted product OD as large as 800mm. With a solid unwinding stand and an all new rewinding shaft str...Details

High Output Automatic Melt Filter - GEM

Category : Plastic Waste Recycling Machines

Differently from RAS, this model reaches a greater filtering surface due to the presence of two filtering meshes towards which all the melt is directed, alongside two scrapers and independent disch...Details

Magnetic Clamping System

Category : Mold Changing Systems

Electro-permanent magnetic quick mold change system is perfectly for 50~4000 Tons injection molding machines.The latest magnetic structure and outstanding design of magnetic circuit achieves a 20% ...Details


Category : Hydraulic Punching Machines

Piecing SystemDetails

Non Woven Production Line

Category : Non Woven Production Line


Film Sanding Machine (WSF Series)

Category :

Worldly WSF series sander machine can doing scratch effect on the film. Especially on the metalized film. It can treat film like metal surface. Each emery roller and clean roller speed can be indiv...Details

Standard Three Axes Servo Driven Robot ST3-S

Category : Industrial Robots

The ST3 Series robot is designed for rapid and precise removal of products from injection molding machine, and place them at desired locations. Standard and telescopic arm are selectable to coopera...Details

Oven Dryer (YBO)

Category : Dryers and Dehumidifiers For Plastic Materials

The Oven Dryer is a compact, convenient drying equipment which can dry more than one type of resin at the same. For plastics use, it can be used for annealing and product testing after molding. Details

Standard Hopper Dryers SHD U

Category : Dryers and Dehumidifiers For Plastic Materials

SHD-U series hopper dryers adopt hot air down-blowing design and use stainless steel made material hoppers to avoid contamination. With this design, they are also ideally suitable for use with hone...Details

4 Shaft Auto Cutter

Category : Cutting Machines

Application:To cut the variety of tape rolls, e.g.: double-sided tape, masking tape, Electrical Tape, construction tape, other kinds of tapes.

Powder Vacuum Loader

Category : Conveyors

Powder Vacuum Loader
It’s “trend of the time” by using recycled material in the manufacturing process and absolutely necessary. Considering of create much dust after granulating the recycled...Details

WT (Wise-Transit) Net 4.0

Category : Industrial Software

Rapid and efficient data for analysis to provide well management.
First Step heading to Smart Factory. Yann Bang, over 45 years’ experience, providing BEST Service.Details

Constant Water Chiller (YCWP)

Category : Control Equipment

Different to traditional water chillers with unstable temperature degree and unreliable compressor troubles, YCWP as a high-quality water chiller can be set by your required degree precisely and ke...Details

Rotary Cutter For Wide Neck Drum

Category : Cutting Machines

Rotary Cutter-For Wide Neck Drum 
Auto-Cutting The Wide Neck Drum 
To Increase The Production Quality

Chen Way CWMDetails

Mighty Crusher (YBC)

Category : Plastic Crushers

Our crushers are applied to all types of plastic, rubber, resin, and other materials.

Large feed inlet can break most kinds of plastic or rubber scrap and waste material easily, bul...Details