Classification : Laboratory Dispersion Kneader
Country: Taiwan
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MT2-2 Basic Model

The two rollers run in a fixed speed. Reversible roller running.

MU2-2 Specific Model(Versatile Differntial Speed Laboratory Mill)

The two rollers running speed is adjusted individually to create differential speed. Reversible roller running.

A Quality Proven Laboratory Mill Designed For Cost Saving Performance

  • The laboratory mill is an essential piece of equipment in the rubber and plastic processing industries. It plays an important role in product quality control. The unit is ideal for experimentation wit products during research and development, product improvement and color mixing thereby reducing production error to a minimum and saving on production costs.
  • This specially designed laboratory mill from Yi Tzung features compact construction, low noise, and safety. In addition, the machine is available to fit with a temperature controller to ensure maximum temperature uniformity on the roller surface.

Temperature Controller (Optional)

  • This machine can resists high temperature and provides digital display. Two-step heating system feature – time and power saving. Comprehensive protection devices assure maximum safety.

Size of roll Power require ment (HP) Capacity/Per batch (KG) Outline Dimension (mm)
Ø6" x 15"(L) MT2-2 AC5HP 0.5 - 1 1480 735 1392
MU2-2 5HPx2PCS DC 0.5 - 1 1955 872 1805
Ø8" x 24"(L) MT2-2 AC10HP 0.5 - 1 1770 770 1450
MU2-2 7.5HPx2PCS DC 0.5 - 1 2650 960 1810