Classification : Laboratory Dispersion Kneader
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  • This 1.8L Laboratory Intensive Mixer is designed for material research and development applications in the laboratory. It consists of several mechanisms such as:rotors in the heating chamber(mixing chamber),a dust stop system,a pressurized material feeding system, a material outfeed system, a transmission system, heating/cooling systems, air and hydraulic systems, and an electric control system. The machine features a same-compounding function-as that on production-type mixers.The drive system provides a choice of variable or fixed speeds.
  • TEMPERATURE REGULATION:The heating chamber (mixing chamber) and rotorsave built with water circulation sleeves assuring excellent cooling effect and heat transfer efficiency.
  • OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT:5 step timer, PLC, temperatore, speed and motor current recoder.
  • DUST STOP COMPARISON:A spring-loaded type stopper.

Tangential Rotor:There are two blades on the rotor.Both rotors run at different speeds causing non-engagement of the blades.

Engaged Rotor:There are two blades on the rotor.Both rotors run at the same speed causing engagement of the blades.

Model Net Capacity Roller Speed Inverted Control Motor Dimensions
IM1.8L 1.8L (F)6.6~66 r.p.m AC 25 HP (L)  2800(mm)
(R) 6~60 r.p.m (W)  1200(mm)
IME1.8L 1.8L (F)6.6~66 r.p.m AC 25 HP (H)  1850(mm)
(R)6.6~66 r.p.m  

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