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This Intensive Mixer is designed for mixing compounds and specific plastic. The structure of the machine consists of main air cylinder, floating weight, feeding door, mixing chamber, rotors and discharge device.

When performing mixing compound operations, the material and ingredients are fed together into the mixing chamber. The material in the mixing chamber is repeatedly sheared and squeezed by the rotors. This provides a series of chemical rotations between the material and the ingredients, which enables the material pieces to stick together into a paste mass shape. Mixing compound operations are performed according to the set temperature and conditions.

This specially designed mixing machine provides efficient mixing and refining for a wide range of raw materials, such as raw rubber, resins, asphalt, cellulose, PVC ane EVA…etc.

  1. Short mixing time. High efficiency.
  2. Ruggedly constructed throughout. Easy to operate.
  3. Superior cooling system.
  4. Outstanding mixing performance and dispersion effect.
  5. No material leakage ensures a clean working environment.
IM Series Intensive Mixer
Model Mixing Capacity
Main Motor
Rotors Revolution
Machine Dimensions (mm)
IM-35 35 75-100 35/30 3150 5100 2550
IM-50 50 125-150 35/30 3370 5400 3600
IM-75 75 200-250 35/30 3600 6890 2850
IM-100 100 300-350 35/30 4300 6745 3650
IM Series Intensive Mixer (180L / 240L / 270L)
Model Mixing Capacity
DC Motor
Rotors Revolution
Machine Dimension for Reference (mm)
Fixed Speed Variable Speed H L W
IM-180 180 700-1000 60 6~60 5190 2430 1770
IM-240 240 1200-1500 60 6~60 5650 2450 2010
IM-270 270 1500-2000 60 6~60 5715 2460 2100

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