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Dispersion Kneader HD Type

This Dispersion Kneader is suitable for processing single or mixing numerous raw materials, including natural, rubber, syntetic rubber, plastic and more. The model has a sturdy construction.

It features a large mixing capacity, high speed, excellent performance, fully automated temperature control, a simplified operating process, labor savings, and stable product quality.

A rear input, front output design results in smooth-flowing production and back window design allows observation of mixing conditions. Its sealed mixing chamber ensures safe operation and eliminates the environmental pollution problem. The mixing chamber has a 135° dumping inclination for easy removal and changing of coloring ingredients.

The machine is easy to install and requires no special foundation. Production can be changed at any time.

It features a durable, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. It’s a ideal mixing equipment.

  1. It is an idea equipment for development of the latest rubber or plastic.
  2. The design with high dispersion for rotors are suitable for the compound of high quality material.
  3. The mixing chamber is constructed with heat resistance, wear out resistance and anti-corrosive. (optional)
  4. Special design on dust stop ring can efficiently prevent leakage from mixing chamber.
Til Ting Dispersion Kenader for Rubber and Plastic
Dust Proof Dispersion Kenader For Rubber and Plastic
Model YK-35HD YK-55HD YK-75HD YK-110HD YK-150HD
Mixing Capacity(L) 35 55 75 110 150
Main motor horse power (HP) 50-70 75-100 125-150 150-200 200-300
Tilting motor (HP) 3 5 5 5 7 1/2
Air compressor (HP) 5 7 1/2 7 1/2 7 1/2 7 1/2
Exhaust fan 1 1 1 1 1
Control panel position BACK BACK BACK BACK BACK
Rotors revolution 30/25 30/25 30/25 30/25 30/25
Normal air pressure 6-7kg/cm2 6-7kg/cm2 6-7kg/cm2 7-8kg/cm2 7-8kg/cm2
Outline Dimesion m/m(for reference)
H 2,890 3,076 3,150 3,600 4,100
W 1,800 2,130 2,400 2,490 3,050
L 3,669 4,010 4,200 4,930 5,480

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