Classification : Garbage Bags
Applications: Packaging Garbage Bags
Country: Taiwan
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  • LY-1200T is a high-speed triangle folding machine which converts sheet film to tubular form. It equips with auto-tension control, edge-guiding position control and edge trim waste collecting systems for fast and good-quality production.
  • High speed triangle folding machine for PE, PP, BOPP.
  • Converting film from sheet to tubular.
  • Auto-tension control system.
  • Edge position control system.
  • Bottom gusset device.
  • Edge trimming and waste collecting unit.
  • Auto-lifter for jumbo roll.
Model Max. Film Width DC Motor Torque Motor Bottom Gusset Max. Production
Speed / Min
For Folding Max. reel dia.
LY-1200T 1200mm 1HP 80kg/cm up to 60mm 150M BOPP  OPP  CPP 700mm


Model Max. reel Weight Power Required Machine Dimensions Machine Weight (kg) Packing Size(M)
Gross Weight (kg)
L(M) W(M) H(M)
LY-1200T 200kg 3kw 2.5 2.4 1.9 1000 2.5 x 2.2 x 2 1300

Notes: due to continual research and improvement, mechanical specifications are subject to further revision without prior notice.

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