Classification : Plastic Bag Making Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Renee Kuo
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  1. This machine is for big width film, can heat slit & sealing the film into 3 lines, then pass gusset units to have 3 lines printed T-shirt bags.
  2. The heat slitting device can maintain the stable temperature in operation to ensure the strong sealing.
  3. Equipped with servo motor & controller made in Japan to provide high speed production & exactly bag length.
  4. Jumbo roll lift-up unit uses automatic machine arm instead of labor to lift up the jumbo rolls. Air shafts are for easier operation & save time.
  5. Waste conveyor delivers the waste of film to the indicated position after punch.
  6. Finished bag fold device folds the T-shirt bags in half to save the labor working time.
  7. We also have 2 lines machine, for more details, please kindly contact us.
  8. We didn’t show all specification & model, please kindly contact us for other model & details specification
Model C3TP+3S-3230SG
Max. Feeding Film Width  1600mm
Bag Width 170-380mm x 3 lines
Bag Length 350-700mm x 3 lines
Sealing Thickness  0.008-0.035mm
Capacity 240-300pcs x 3 lines
Power Requirement 11.5 Kw
Air Compressor 7.5 HP
Machine Dimension 830 x 180 x 210 cm

*Output depending on bag width, length, thickness & raw material.
*For more details specification, special requirements & quotation, please kindly contact us