Four-Shaft Log Roll Cutter

Classification : Core cutter


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-3562788(21)
Fax: 886-6-3562777
Contact Person: Peggy
  • Main drive part: Cutting running is driven by AC motor with inverter control. Fast and stable to speed up & down.
  • Control system unit: by PLC control system; Auto change cut size setting in the same shaft.
  • Operation panel part: equipped with LCD touch screen; Running condition and cut size set on the screen.
  • Cut roll positioning system: Controlled by servo motor with high precision ball screw and to use linear sliding for cutting precise and smooth movement.
  • Feed positioning system: Blade feed-in controlled by servo motor; user-friendly interface for multi-stage feed-in speed setting; to Improve efficiency and quality.
  • Razor angle adjustment: Razor angle rotary counted by servo motor; adapt to different angle variation in slitting different material; to reduce the frequence of razor replacement and increase production efficiency.
  • Shaft fast changed device: Shaft fast changed by 2sfhats rotary; to adapt different material demand.
Model C4
Available Cutting Width 1.0M/1.3M/1.6M
Cutting Precision ±0.01mm
Max. Cutting Diameter 400/160/160mm
Min. Cutting Diameter 2mm
Cutting Core Diameter 26/77mm (1"/3")

Specifications are subject to change without notice for design improvement.

The specification can be designed by customers demand.