Classification : Loading & Conveying System
Country: Taiwan
Phone: ENGLISH: 886-4-2271-0000 | 中文:886-4-22716999
Fax: 886-4-2271-1988
Contact Person: Bunny Tsai
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Tube Loader (AL) 

  • Stainless unique design is dust-free and clean –free for optics users perfectly. 

  • Light weight and compact size can be directly mounted to any vessel and machine without purchasing another vacuum loader. Save your cost and space. 

  • By using compress air efficient venture draws resin from material tank. No motor and low noise is perfect for clean room, indoor work, and electronics and medical users. 

  • Good for small batch and various kinds of production, high stability, high efficient supply to prevent moisture return of resin. 

  • Glass sight window gives a clear view of loading and safety protectors to help operators working more efficiently.

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