Side Entry Servo-Driven Robots - Falcon Series

Classification : Injection Robot


Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Arno Chang
  • The servo side take-up series is mainly used for the removal of 50-350 tons of rapid prototyping products.
  • The minimum take-off time is 0.8s, and the full loop is less than 2.6s.
  • It is applied to all kinds of products within 6s of thin wall molding cycle; the side entry stroke is 900-1500, which is suitable for the removal of plastic products in low factory buildings.
  • With AC servo motor drive, you can select 1-axis servo, 2-axis servo or 3-axis full servo drive, which is ultra-fast to remove, greatly improving production efficiency.
  • The super-strong structure design of the body is made by steel welding.
  • The side entry is a high-rigidity aluminum alloy structural beam, which is light and fast, and the double-speed mechanism design greatly shortens the take-out time.
  • The all-servo motor is super fast and can take out products with large mold depth.
  • The whole machine adopts low friction and rigid ball linear slide system, which is suitable for high speed operation and long service life.
  • With time-controlled belt drive, high efficiency double speed mechanical design for quick removal.
  • 3D stereo calculation design analysis, high rigidity, low vibration. Electromechanical integration, saving space.
  • Applicable object: multimedia computer components. Food containers, such as cups and bowls.
  • Rapid prototyping of various types of plastic products, such as LCD light guides.