Perforating Bag Making Machine With Labeling Part-T-Shirt Style & Flat Style

Classification : Bag on Roll Bag Making Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-356-3297
Fax: 886-6-356-7267
Contact Person: Angela Yang

1. Servo Motor Driven, Efficient mechanical structure From film to final bag, one process flow.
2. Adjustable Multi-Functional Folding Device can folding any size of bag with out changing the rack.
3. This can produce Coreless Rolls.
4. User-friendly Control Panel, easy to understand easy to operate.
5. Digital control for production length adjusting, precise and less wastage.
6. Real time printing tracing control for accurate registration, when printing error occurred machine will stop automatically.
7. Labeling device, auto glue and paper in-feeding.
8. T-Shirt bag punching device.


Model SHPF-30T + SHRC-L
Output Cycle / min 30 ~ 50 Bags / min
Folding Width Max 650 m/m
Bag Length Max 800 m/m
Servo Motor One Set
Main Motor 2H4P
Inverter 3 HP
Heater 2.0 KW
Power Consumption 5 KW
Machine Dimension (LxWxH) 3325 x 1420 x 2088
1476 x 1500 x 1210
Machine Weight 1800 kg

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