Automatic High Speed Hot Slitting T-Shirt Bag Making Machine-HEP-G3-150-Series

Classification : Bag Making Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-5-221-7967
Fax: 886-5-221-7996
Contact Person: Eric Kuo
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● Special designed for huge production of non-tension sealed, printed T-shirt bags making.
● Programmable Logic Controllers are installed for easy operation and maintenance.
● Equipped with hot slitting unit to save time and labor.
● The temperature of patterned hot slitting knife would not reduced when machine is running.
● Hydraulic film stand could load film up to diameter 1500mm and weight 600kg.
● Unwinding motor is used for auto tension control and the film is fed to match sealing and cutting speed.
● Hot slitting machine with 3 lines , cooperate to sealing machine non-stop when operating.
Model HEP-G3 HEP-G2
Speed(Cycles / Min) Max. 200 Max. 200
Width(mm) 330×3 Lines 420×2 Lines
Length(mm) 350-650 350-650
Bag Thickness(mm) 0.008-0.035 0.008-0.035
Air Compressor(Not Included) 7.5HP 7.HP
Heater 12kw 11kw