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Gravimetric Master-Batch Feeder (MF-G)

The latest gravimetric master-batch feeder with lose-in-weight design (MF-G) increases your accuracy caused by the uneven size of master-batch or recycled resins.

Customization is available to combine multi units and more. Easy discharged design makes change color faster with no more sampling for setting.

‧        Roller type of screw pipe is special designed which makes cleaning, discharging material and maintenance work easier.

‧        With the integrated adapter of mixing and stirring function, no more worry for the feeder to be stuck.

‧        Production record will check the using weight of material during the process.

‧        It can equip with injection-type cycle operation, and a time-delayed control design. It can prevent the unstable additional rate of the master-batch from the different times of mold.

‧        Error data is recorded by day, month, and year for adjustment and maintenance.

‧        Be able to save 40 groups molding data, customized formulations, recipes…Recall the records quickly, eliminating the need for manual records and re-enter the program, but also reduce manual errors. It’s easy to operate.

‧        The Human Machine Interface (HMI) can connect to Ethernet and RS485. With Industry 4.0 features, the feeder can integrate with existing auxiliary equipment.