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Gravimetric Auto Dosing & Mixing System (ADMG) 

  • COST SAVE: ADMG can measure powder resin, granule resin, master-batch, or additive precisely. 

  • EASY OPERATE: By entering the percentage of each batch and supply value to operate effectively, HMI automatically calculates all required values operate and monitor by single personnel or connect a PC through a modern to through a modern to maintain the system or solve problem. HMI is dynamic and versatile to provide the most efficient and economic operation. 

  • ACCURACY & CONSISTENCY: ADMG automatically measures the required amount accumulatively in order when you add extra resins or additives which will not affect the precision of dosing or mixing. 

  • ERROR REPORT: Error problems are recorded the time by day, month, and year for the maintenance. 

  • EASY CLEAN & SPACE SAVE: Stainless design and individual function units are easy to discharge and install.