Accumulator Head Moulding Machines–L Ring Drum & Open Top Drum

Classification : Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machines
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  • Mono Layer and Multi-layer Accumulator Head Type Blow Moulding Machine.
  • For producing 20 liter to 1000 liter volume, all kinds of jerry can, containers, air duct and industrial blow moulding products.
Resin HMWHDPE (MARLEX 571 or Braskem GV0350)
Products 230 liters single L ring drum
230 liter open top drum
Driving motor 300 HP AC motor with inverter control
Extruder Screw dia. 150 mm, L/D ratio 30:1
With new design screw and higher output
Output 560 kg/hr
Head design Accumulator type 25 liter
Die lip size φ220mm
Clamping plate
( H x W )
1400mm x 1330mm
Clamping force 70tons (700KN)
Push-out unit Fully automatic

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