Classification : Accumulator Head Blow Molding Machines
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●Accumulator head type for closed neck L ring drum from 120 liter up to 250 liter.
●Grooved feeder extruder workable to run ultra high molecular weight HDPE at 380 kg/hr.
●LK type clamp unit with six locking device, locking speed by proportional valve control.
●Blow pin with unscrew function for inner thread necks.
●3DX Radial Parison Programming system available to reduce the drum weight & increase drum quality.

Resin HMWHDPE (MARLEX 571 or BASELL Lupolen 5261Z) (Blow moulding grade)
Products 250 liters
Driving motor 200HP AC motor with vector inverter
Extruder Screw dia. 125mm, L/D = 30:1
Output 450 kg/hr for MARLEX 571, MFI:2.5 (21.6kg)
380 kg/hr for BASELL Lupolen 5261Z, MFI: 1.7~ 2.3 (21.6kg)
Head design Single layer, four spiral channel
Die lip size ∮220mm
Clamping plate
( H x W )
1600mm x 1330mm
Clamping force 70tons (700KN)
Clamping distance 600 - 2000 mm
Push-out unit Hydraulic proportional valve system