Classification : Multi-layer Co-extrusion Cast Film Machines
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Basic Specifications: 
Resin                       PP
Film width 2100mm (max.) 
Film thickness 0.020-0.080mm 
Layer structure A layer, Co-polymer PP 
B layer, Homo-polymer PP 
C layer, Co-polymer PP 
Line speed 200M/Min. (Max. Mechanical design) 
Extruder A & C 75 mm dia. Screw L/D=30:1 
Extruder B 125mm dia. Screw L/D=30:1 
Drive for Extruder A & C    75 HP AC motor with vector inverter control
Drive for Extruder B 150 HP AC motor with vector inverter control 
Extrusion output 500 KG/HR (Max.) 
Production output 350 KG/HR for 0.025mm x 2100mm 
400 KG/HR FOR 0.03mm x 2100mm 
Extrusion die               1 set, EDI or Cloeren brand, ex USA
Casting unit roller        600mmφ x 2500mm width
Oscillating unit 1 set 
Winding unit 1 set 
Electric control panel