Toggle Injection Molding Machine SW-90B to SW-570B

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Model International Size Theoretical Injection Volume Clamping Force Space Between Tie Bars Mold Opening Stroke
SW-90B 900H-326 226 90 360x360 330
SW-120B 1200H-435 318 120 395x395 380
SW-150B 1500H-614 452 150 425x425 430
SW-190B 1900H-760 594 190 470x470 480
SW-230B 2300H-958 763 230 515x515 525
SW-270B 2700H-1423 995 270 555x555 570
SW-320B 3200H-1703 1232 320 620x620 620
SW-370B 3700H-2045 1502 370 700x650 670
SW-470B 4700H-2862 1910 470 770x742 770
SW-570B 5700H-4462 2767 570 860x800 860


  • The tie bars are nitrified to present a high rigidity and a better wearing resistance. 
  • The 5-point vertical toggle mechanism aims to achieve a rapid opening/closing of the mold, a longer clamping stroke, and to stabilize the movement of the clamping mechanism. 
  • The standard hydraulic design of a fast clamping shortens the dry cycle time and saves power. 
  • The low-pressure function is to ensure good protection of the contact surface of the mold. 
  • A linear transducer precisely calculates the clamping stroke to have a high position accuracy. 
  • The integrated hydraulic circuit reduces the temperature of the oil and efficiency loss.


  • The double injection cylinder design gives a shorter machine length and avoids that the design of the double carriage cylinder may produce material leakage owing to high speed or high pressure. 
  • It includes multi-stage injection parameters like speed, pressure, or position for different kinds of molding conditions. 
  • The set of screws and barrels has been nitrified to strengthen the wear resistance. 
  • A linear transducer calculates the injection and plasticizing strokes to ensure a high positional control. 
  • Screw cold-start protection. 
  • PID temperature simulation. 
  • Anticorrosive bimetallic screw and barrel set (optional accessory).