All-Electric Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (CT-R series)

Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Hank Wu, Manager
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It is All-Electric Two-Component injection molding equipment. It is suitable for two-component and multi-component products, including electronic parts, medical appliance, cosmetic containers, etc.
  • The rate of servo rotary table improved by 30%-50%, which could shorten the cycle time, make switch speed more stable and positioning precision up to 0.005°, and let injection molding products more precise and stable.
  •  The tie bars are not held by the platens to reduce pollution, abrasion and power consumption, which is suitable for medical products.
  •  Intelligent mold clamp low-pressure protection, reduces the risk of mold crush.
  •  Adopting servo motor and multiple independent barrels for injection, greatly shortens the cycle time.
  •  Linear guide at injection unit makes back pressure approach 0 when charging, reduces the melt overflow.
  •  Barrel heating zones are accurate to 0.1℃ to ensure stable material plasticizing.
    Screw position is controlled within 0.01 mm to precisely control the shot size and cushion position.