Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine (FA Series)

It is a newly released model of advanced toggle hydraulic and servo energy-saving IMM by FCS. The applicable industries include houseware, stationary, automotive, 3C and home appliance industries, especially for multi function printers, laptop or computer parts.
    •  Linear guide for injection carriage could lower the wear and tear, and make the injection control precise and stable.
    • Servo injection closed-loop system could accurately control the speed of each shot, the injection time stability is >99.9%, and with stable molding product weight.
    • The integrated and optimized hydraulic manifold and cylinder, improve the injection response, and expand the product application range.
    • High mixing performance screw that improve L/D ratio and meet high injection volume products (and add D-screw choice for models above 250 ton)(optional).
    • Optional modular specification, offering the high-speed type for option, to flexibly meet the requirement such as food packaging and thin-walled container industries.
    • Adopted electric motor with brake which could offer stable adjusting control and position.
    • Platen strength improvement that increase rigidity by 30%, lower deformation of mold plate, and improve the mold lifetime.
    • Smooth the mold closing speed curve design, and add the S curve speed command to reduce the machine vibration.

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