All-Electric Injection Molding Machine (CT-e Series)

Classification : Single Injection
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +886-6-5950688 (6879)
Fax: +886-6-5951129
Contact Person: Hank Wu, Manager
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It is a newly released model of All-Electric injection molding machine by FCS. The applicable industries include packaging, optical element, medical, and 3C appliance such as laptop or multifunction printer parts, etc.
  • The extreme motion control technology and European servo system, make injection accurancy up to 0.01mm.
  •  Ensure highly-responsive injection unit offers optimized pressure closed-loop algorithm.
  •  Full servo motor drive design with high efficiency and stability and low energy cost.
  •  Tie bars are not held by platen to reduce pollution, abrasion and power consumption, which is suitable for medical products.
  •  Parallel movement of ejector on fly is standard, effectively shorten the cycle time.
  •  Intelligent mold clamp low-pressure protection, reduce the risk of mold crush.
  •  Carriage is supported by linear guide to ensure precise and stable injection.
  •  Mold adjusting adopts closed-loop servo valve for faster and precise operation.
  •  Optional modular specification offers flexible injection unit combination.
  •  21.5 inch capacitive touch screen and newly control unit interface is very user-friendly.