Classification : Max. Bottle Volume 750 ml
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-23345536/ 86-595-88169879
Fax: 886-4-23345539/ 86-595-88165687
Contact Person: Claire
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  • Blower power consumption for 1000 bottles: 2Wh
  • Air Compressor power consumption for 1000 bottles: 6 kWh compact space
  • Screw driven controlled by servo motor providing fast and smooth motion
  • Single lamp bilateral centralized heating, easy controlled within 3°C and energy heating
  • Low-pressure air compressor will NOT be required due to high-pressure recovery system.
  • High efficient air recovery system up to 45%
Model EM16S2 Unit
Cavity no. 16 cavity
Theoretical Output 21000 BPH
Preform Holder 448 pcs
Heating pitch 54 mm
Cavity pitch 80 mm
Bottle volume 0.75 Ltr. Max.
Preform neck 38 Max. (mm)
Preform height 100 Max. (mm)
Bottle diameter 70 Max. (mm)
Bottle height 240 Max. (mm)
Oven no. 2*4 box*channel
Heating power 124 kW
Installed power 148 kW
Machine size 610*580*380 cm
Machine wt. 18000 kg
Origin Taiwan

Water Bottle


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