PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine for up to 600ml Bottles

Classification : Stretch Blow Molding
Country: Taiwan
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Preform In-feed and Unscrambler:

Orientation and delivery of preforms is in an orderly fashion to the machine. Accurate position control of preform is achieved by pneumatic system.

Bottle Discharge System:

Bi-axially oriented bottles from the moulds are picked up by robotic arms and placed in an upright position. The in-line conveyor or leaks testing system are optional equipped.

Preform Heating:

Accurate temperature control of infrared heaters in various zones of the oven is achieved by electronic control. Rotation of preform holding mandrels enables the circumference of preform at each zone to be evenly heated.

Touch Screen Control System:

Computer touch screen communicates with the PLC. All actions of the machine can be seen on the screen. System has many sets of memories. The system diagnoses and displays the problems on the screen to make trouble shooting easier.

Model CMA-D3 CMA-D4 CMA-D6
Container Max. neck diameter mm Ø25~Ø33
Max. production capacity pcs/hr 3000 4000 6000
Max. body diameter mm 65
Max. container height mm 250
Max. bottle capacity ml 600
No. of cavity no. 3 4 6
Mould Carry pitch mm 76.2
Mould center distance mm 76.2
No. of preform mandrels pcs 57 64 102
Heating oven No. of even no. 2 2 3~4
No. of infrared heaters in each oven no. 6
Heating load (max.) kw 20 20 29~38.4
Air pressure Low pressure kg/cm2 7
High pressure kg/cm2 35
Cooling water Cooling capacity kcal/h 18000 18000 24000
Water consumption l/min 80
Water temperature °C 10~12
Pressure bar 5
Total consumption power kw 22 22 33~43
Machine dimension mm 2.1x1.86x2.2 2.7x1.85x2.2 4.7x2.22x2.2
Machine weight ton 3 3 5

* All Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice. 
* The production capacity refers to 500ml water bottles. 

* CMA Series model can be upgraded to fully electricity type by servo motor control.

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