PET Preform Injection Molding Machine Servo - 120PET to Servo 470PET

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  • Standard L/D ratio of 24 times and above for good plasticizing quality. Application of barrier type screw features and an extra barrier ridge to ensure homogenous plasticization when melting PET. 
  • Because of the viscosity of the PET, the screw speed and capacity of the hydraulic motor is upgraded to achieve higher plasticization. 
  • Compatible with auxiliaries such as PET preform molds, material dryer, mold sweat dehumidifier, water chiller, conveyor and post-cooling automation. 
  • Optional features such as a shut-off nozzle or an ejector on the fly are available. These are for shortening the total cycle time and maximizing the output.

Model International Size Theoretical Injection Volume Clamping Force Space Between Tie Bars Mold Opening Stroke
Servo 120PET 1200H-614 452 120 395x395 380
Servo 150PET 1500H-614 452 150 425x425 430
Servo 190PET 1900H-958 763 190 470x470 480
Servo 230PET 2300H-958 763 230 515x515 525
Servo 270PET 2700H-1703 1232 270 555x555 570
Servo 320PET 3200H-1703 1232 320 620x620 620
Servo 370PET 3700H-2045 1709 370 700x650 670
Servo 470PET 4700H-2862 2156 470 770x742 770

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