BMC Injection Molding Machine - 300BMC to 850BMC

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  • Common commissioning for molding products such as electric parts and auto headlamps with insulated characteristics. 
  • Steel and FRP plates are installed on the fixed and movable platens to insulate the heat generation from the thermoset mold. 
  • The vertical material feeding hopper on the injection unit is to supply BMC material steadily and less pressure. 
  • A one-piece rod with less L/D ratio and compression-free screw design makes melt flow smoothly. 
  • Includes a standard, grade B, bimetallic screw barrel to provide a better wear-resistance and lifespan. 
  • The barrel's special sleeve has a water cooling circuit that ensures a good melting status for the BMC material.

Model International Size Theoretical Injection Volume Clamping Force Space Between Tie Bars Mold Opening Stroke
300BMC 3000H-1337 848 300 555x555 570
350BMC 3500H-2028 1061 350 620x620 620
400BMC 4000H-2231 1308 400 700x650 670
500BMC 5000H-3085 1909 500 770x742 770
600BMC 6000H-4264 2671 600 860x800 860
850BMC 8500H-5767 3613 850 1000x1000 2000