Aluminum Foil Coating Machine Tandem Type (WAC-DT Series)

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For its strong characters of odor free, lightproof, antioxidant, and flavor preservation, aluminum foil has become one of the most popular solutions for soft packing industries. Laminated aluminum foil has multiple advantages: antioxidant, moisture-proof, also avoiding from direct sun exposure and etc., and it not only does help extend the expiration period but also increase the product value by effective visual presentation through its metallic glossy texture. For years, aluminum foil has been widely used in many different industries, such as pharmaceutical and food sectors; to create satisfactory solution to the demand of those sectors, it requires specific machinery technologies in aluminum foil printing or coating.

This model is specially designed for aluminum foil coating. The whole structure of machine is consisted of primer coating unit, HSL coating unit , So it allows same side or two side coating in one go. The coating process options are available options for different requirements of direct gravure coating & semi-flexo coating. The high efficient drying tunnel is set on top of the machine . For feeding operation, double shaft turret type automatic splicing devices both on unwinding/rewinding units. The whole machine is controlled by PLC digital control system and HMI touch screen interface, which makes coating production easier and more convenient.

  • Trolley type coating unit can be equipped with either a gravure or semi-flexo coating system that is also easily cleaned

  • Primer & HSL coating units are in line for 2 side coating reducing production time

  • Individual drying chamber with removable high efficiency drying nozzle design



Maximum Machine Speed

150 m/min

Coating Speed

120 m/min

Coating Width

600 mm / 800 mm / 1000 mm

Material Diameter

Ø600 mm