JC-ABA Series - 3 layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film is the ultimate solution producing high quality film at lower production cost. 

The ABA 3 layer co-extrusion line consist two high performance extruders with a 3 layer ABA co-extrusion die head. The outer layer is dominantly with virgin materials, and the core layer with large percentage of CaCo3 or in-house recycled pellets material.

Further the ABA 3 layer film structure also persist higher strength characteristic than conventional monolayer film, which overall gives an advantage to the competitive market.



Applicable Material HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE
Extruder Diameter Ø 45 / 55mm Ø 50 / 55mm Ø 55 / 75mm
Film Layout Width 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 
Film Thickness 0.015mm - 0.10mm
Extrusion Capacity 90 kg/hr 180kg/hr. 250 kg/hr