Washing machine of Planetary-type (WMP1800/2100/2800)

Classification : WASHING MACHINE
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ted Kao
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The most efficient washing mechine for PET chips and flakes. Concept comes from [Astronomy] revolution and rotation. Due to rotation and revolution, washing time is even longer than traditional resin washing machine. And that leads to a performance because PET material is washed by high speed spinning shaft and patent blade which impacts continuously in each sink and stays in the sink more than 4 minutes. It is 12 times longer of washing stage than any washing machine you can find in the market, and make sure all the residual contamination such as glues would be removed. It provides A plus grade of output fot filment application as guarantee.
We also add chemicals here to help the washing ability, and get results in good quality. 
Capacity : 1.5 ton/hr)
Model No. WMP-1800 WMP-2100 WMP-2800
Measurement ψ 1800mm x 2360mm(H) ψ 1800mm x 2360mm(H) ψ 2800mm x 2850mm(H)
Drum Size ψ 1800mm x 1150mm(H) ψ 2100mm x 1150mm(H) ψ 2800mm x 1400mm(H)
Into Size 350mm(L) x 350mm(W) 350mm(L) x 350mm(W) 400mm(L) x 400mm(W)
Total Power 30HP 30HP 42.5HP
Capacity 1000 kg/hr 1500 ~ 2000 kg/hr 3000 kg/hr
Hot Water and Chemicals is recommended.
Capability of B2B Food Grade PET recycling process.