Servo-Driven Double-Track Rotary Seal Garbage Bag Making Machine

Classification : Converting System
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-232-1126
Fax: 886-6-203-1178
Contact Person: Kelly Kao
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  • Advanced Design
    New developed concept of continuous turn around theorem and special design of free-loop film tensioning device allow for sealing tightness, supporting even the thinnest gauge material.
  • Single and Double - Track Production
    Flat seal for c folding and 2-up servo driven system supports high-speed turn around work, ensures film running even, makes operation & maintenance easy.
  • High Productivity
    Max. Speed 150 M/Min., material suitable for HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP & recycled.
  • Synchronized Rewinding & Labeling
    The fully automatic high speed four spindle roll winder includes the highly efficient auto labeling device to synchronized the products' surface to be posted by the label.
  • Surface Unwinder
    Surface winder is designed for one single flat and 2 star seal rolls of different roll diameter.
  • Operator - Friendly Controller
    User interface panel control micro - processor , provides bag parameter setting and diagnostic information without stopping production.
Model: TA-800-D1 TA-1000-D1
Mother Film Width (mm): 700 x 1 / 300 x 2 950 x 1 / 300 x 2
Mother Film Dia. (mm): 800 800
Thickness of Film (mm): 0.008 - 0.07 0.008 - 0.07
Finished Production (mm): 300 x 2 or 700 x 1 300 x 2 or 700 x 1
Finished Production Roll Dia.(mm): 130 130
Max. Production Speed (M/ min): 150 100

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