Fully Automatic Bottom Seal Soft Loop Shopping Bag Making Machine

Classification : Converting System
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-232-1126
Fax: 886-6-203-1178
Contact Person: Kelly Kao
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  • Advance servo driven system for fast and accurate production.
  • Pre-creased with angle seals and side gussets to form square bottom bags.
  • Highly reliable automatic equipments that requires minimum operator involvement at same time provide high quality and efficiency.
  • Mechanical robot arm collecting system for efficient packing.
  • Intelligent management system monitors and protects machine 



Bag Size Width (mm)

350 ~ 550

Bag Size Length (mm)

400 ~ 650

Side Gusset (mm)

30 ~ 100

Max. Speed (Bags/min)


Mother Roll Width

Max. 700 mm

Machine Size L*W*H