Fully Automatic Patch Diaper Bag Making Machine LY-650JD

Classification : Diaper - Hygiene - Tissue Bags
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-3-3490269
Fax: 886-3-3490220
Contact Person: Nicole Hung
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  • LY-650JD is a specialized bottom sealing type diaper bag making machine which equips with reinforced-patch film sealing unit. Other accessories like easy-tear punch, round type perforation punch are available for option.
  • Servo-driven feeding system with one set of photocell for printed bag.
  • Servo-driven flying knife system for cutting.
  • Human-machine interface for easy setting.
  • Patch film sealing unit.
  • Heating type handle punch.
  • Perforation knife for easy tearing.
  • Two sets dotted sealing knives for sealing the top of the diaper bag.
Model Bag width (mm) Bag length (mm) Output Thickness of film (mm)
LY-650JD 200-750 130-500 10-60 bags/per min 0.04-0.14