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1. Cutting attachment (trims seal edge up to 2mm).
2. Easy-to-move lockable trolley design.
3. Rigid structure made from stainless steel and corrosion resistant aluminum, ensure the highest food hygiene standard.
4. Simple design promotes easy maintenance.
5. Touch screen display with PLC control system provides a user-friendly interface.
6. Very safe operations due to multiple impact resistant acrylic panels.
7. Suitable for many material (PE, PP, paper, and easy tear film).
8. Digitally controlled vacuum and gas flushing.
9. Can handle between 6-10 seals per minutes, depending on vacuum settings.
10. Quick change mold design allow for one machine to seal various sized container for improved efficiency.
11. German-made Bush pump can perform independent vacuum packaging,MAP packaging, and Skin packing.
Model VG-701S VG-701M VG-702M VG-704M
Power 220(220W) 220(220W) 220(220W) 220(220W)
Weight(kg) 120 120 140 160
Capacity(psc/hr) 240 240 480 960
Max.Cup Size(mm) 230x180x100 380x280x100 175x280x100 175x125x100
Machine Size(mm) WxDxL 500x900x1600 740x1040x1740 740x1040x1740 740x1040x1740
1. Food packaging for restaurant, shop, supermarkets, household, and food processing plants.
2. Can be used for frozen, cold or fresh food, as well as any product which can be put in a container, such as microwaved food, preserved foods, cold/hot food, agriculture products, dry food, cosmetics, medicine, or plastic items.