Derived from Taipei, Taiwan, Shini group has gone through an extraordinary journey for more than 40 years. To date, Shini group has established six production bases and one corporate technology center globally. Specialized in manufacturing plastic auxiliary equipments, Shini products consist of eight series, including drying & dehumidifying, feeding & conveying, dosing & mixing, heating & cooling, granulating & recycling, automation solution, systematic solution and hot runner system. Adhered to the management principle “focusing on particular business, pursuing to be the world leader”, Shini people have created new situations one after another. Till now, Shini group has ranked among the world-class manufacturers of plastic auxiliary equipment and taken the lead of Asia plastic auxiliary equipment industry.


SHINI: Advantages of Central Conveying System

In the 21st century, modernization and scientific and technological development push forward the plastics industry chain's growth, and a systematic centralized conveying system has been widely deployed in injection moulding workshops of various products. It can realize the centralized processing materials and meet various unique demands such as conveying, dehumidifying...

SHINI GROUP: The Application of Plastic Molding Auxiliary Equipment in Auto Parts Industry

Shini was founded in 1969, and it has been running for over 52 years since its establishment. Through continuous sustainable exploration and progress, Shini can now provide eight series of products to the market...

SHINI: The Case of Central Mat. Processing System in Hand Tool Industry

Recently, Shini successfully delivered a set of central material conveying systems to a global hand tools manufacturer, which is a well-known in industrial hand and power tools. It is dedicated to providing over all solutions to the integrated hardware tool, storage device , and security system for the market. Facing the difficulties during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Shini didn’t stop moving forward and always put the customer's demands in priority.

“Shini Products” in the Toy Industry

As the world's largest toy exporter, China produces nearly 75% of the world's toys. Behind this mighty world factory, there are hundreds and thousands of toy production lines. For the fierce competition behind the production line, how to stand out among many competitors and be among the best is the problem facing each enterprise.

SHINI - The Case of Whole Plant Planning in Protective Appliances Industry

Shini is continuously supporting its customers and cherish their successful stories that the customers add value to the industry despite of the current outbreak. In this article we would like to share about one of our customers' case story from China.