SHINI: Advantages of Central Conveying System

In the 21st century, modernization and scientific and technological development push forward the plastics industry chain's growth, and a systematic centralized conveying system has been widely deployed in injection moulding workshops of various products.

It can realize the centralized processing materials and meet various unique demands such as conveying, dehumidifying, drying, color masterbatch dosing, metering, and mixing, saving the cost of human labor and financial resource, material, and time for enterprises. Especially in the cost control and delivery of income, the system is a piece of the important, indispensable equipment in the plastic industry.



The advantages of the central feeding system are as follows:
The incoming of materials is regarded as the range of the central conveying process, from material feeding to silo / material storage tank can be fully automatic controlled by the system, and the operator only needs to touch the human-machine interface to control the material suction of the injection moulding machine. The system is equipped with an auto sprayer to clean the dust collective hopper and dust dropped on the filter to ensure smooth airflow, and it also has the auto hopper cleaning and shut-off function. Meanwhile, it can control the dosage of the injection moulding equipment to achieve highly automatic control and monitoring, and meet the production demands of all-day working around a year. 



The central console can control the feeding of one or many vacuum pumps and multiple injection moulding machines, and it can also monitor the external system signals, system working state, and possible faults in real-time. The system adopts PLC control with easy expansibility and low failure rate, featuring simple peripheral circuit, convenient maintenance, and cost-saving.



The visual touch screen and human-machine interface are intuitive and easy to operate, which can directly monitor the picture of the system, real shortage and complete material information of each injection moulding machine, and display each set value, actual value, and failure record, as well as fault diagnosis. 


Low Noise and Less Waste
The conveying with the help of automatic and hermetic stainless steel pipe can reduce the material waste and noise to ensure no material contamination.


Flexible design, long-term services cycle
It provides customized central conveying solution according to customer needs, different workshop features, and different materials consumption requirements. The design optimal solution can meet and optimize customers' production processes.



Central Material Distribution Station (Automatic Central Material Distribution Station)
The system can convey material to several injection moulding machines. Besides, it also can select an automatic material distribution station for complete process control without manually switching materials suction host. The injection moulding machines can set receipts and choose up to 20 materials.



Dust Recovery, Centralized Management and Workshop Cleaning
The unique centralized dust recycling system allows easy maintenance of the production workshop. It reaches the clean room standard of the 100,000 class dust-free workshop requirements. The clean injection moulding plant can reduce the tough cleaning of the dust absorbed by the finished product due to static electricity and improve the product quality. Centralized using the drying equipment can minimize the use of drying hoppers to protect the working environment of the injection moulding workshop and reduce the energy consumed by the dehumidifying dryer.


Because the drying exhaust gas is separated, it dramatically decreases the temperature in the workshop. It reduces material contamination and waste when cleaning the materials, thus improving air and dust contamination.


High Product Quality
Automatic and hermetic stainless steel conveying lines with the choice of air hot conveying option will prevent the material moisture regain and contamination to ensure the highest product quality.


Monitoring Host
It can achieve real-time monitoring for material drying and conveying, relevant data collection, and database docking with the MES system.


Remote Monitoring Program
The remote change program only needs WIFI to start the remote rewrite, modify, and monitor the program.


Centralized Management
Centralized material storage and management can separate the material zone from the injection moulding zone. The drying equipment, granulating, and recycling equipment can all be collected in the central material zone, making a more spacious injection moulding workshop and safer operating environment. 



The central conveying system can minimize material contamination in the injection moulding production to maintain a clean production workshop. Moreover, the unique centralized dust recovery system makes cleaning more convenient, improves the environmental protection effect of dust-free workshop standards, reduces the noise, and finally realizes an unmanned automatic workshop for modern chemical plant management.


At last, K-show 2022, we are coming! 

In the K, Shini will launch several innovative plastic processing and auxiliary equipment focusing on smart technology in booth No. 11C57. The products will be on smart, automation, environmental-friendly, recycling, and low-carbon footprint, including the drying and dehumidifying, feeding and conveying, dosing and mixing, heating and cooling, granulating, recycling equipment and as well as complete plastic processing solutions to the business partners.


Shini welcomes you to Hall 11 C57.

Derived from Taipei, Taiwan, Shini group has gone through an extraordinary journey for more than 40 years. To date, Shini group has established six production bases and one corporate technology center globally. Specialized in manufacturing plastic auxiliary equipments, Shini products consist of eight series, including drying & dehumidifying, feeding & conveying, dosing & mixing, heating & cooling, granulating & recycling, automation solution, systematic solution and hot runner system. Adhered to the management principle “focusing on particular business, pursuing to be the world leader”, Shini people have created new situations one after another. Till now, Shini group has ranked among the world-class manufacturers of plastic auxiliary equipment and taken the lead of Asia plastic auxiliary equipment industry.