Rubber Extrusion Lines

Taper Screw Batch Pre-former

Category : Rubber Processing Machinery

FUNCTION: This uniquely designed Taper Twin Screw Extruder has a large volume open top hopper, which will accept a whole batch from your mixer without performing. The twin screws continuously and automatically bite and feed the compound, which ...Details

Twin Taper Screw Roller Head Extruder

Category : Rubber Processing Machinery

MACHINE FUNCTION: The Twin Taper Screws Roller Head Extruder consists of two tapered screws and two rollers,The machine is normally applied for processing to a dispersion kneader or an intensive mixer. The rubber material,mixed by a dispersion kn...Details


Category : Rubber Processing Machinery

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Basically,rubber material is very easy to be mixed with many impurities during mixing processes.No doubt,because of this harmful factor,it can easily cause the follow-up products to result in many defects. But now this innova...Details