Zipper Applicator And High Speed Silicone Carpet Side Sealing Machine

Classification : Bag Making
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-5933-566
Fax: 886-6-5933-567
Contact Person: Mr. Liang
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  • The unit suitable for LDPE PP OPP CPP BOPP.
  • The machine uses fully automatic digitalized servo motor to control length; it is easy for operation and provides strong sealing and quality appearance.
  • Process of production begins from rolled film, triangular folding device, automatic edge alignment, slitting, zipper attachment, automatic slider insertion, photo cell, hole punching, heat cutting and seal and ends with automatic counter; all of the above operations are fully automate by PLC system.
  • The machine equips automatic stop equipment for running out of material, photo cell error and temperature abnormality.
Zipper Applicator
Take-Up Motor 1HP AC+Inverter
Teflon Heat Resistant Tape 4Pc
Copper Attachment Knife 2Pc
Side Slitting Knife 1 Set
Zipper Storage Frame 1 Set
800mm Take-Up Roller 1 Set
Side Sealing Unit
Bag Type Side Sealing
Bag Length 500mm
Bag Width 700mm
Bag Thickness 0.04~0.2mm
Speed Side Seal Bag 30~230 pc/min
  Zipper Bag 30~140 pc/min
Tension Control Unit  
Main Motor AC 2HP+Inverter
Ultrasonic Stamping Unit 2000W
Silicon Carpet Heat Sealing
Alloy Sealing Knife 1 Set
Cooling Pressure Plate 1/8HP Water Pump Motor
Photo Cell German SICK x 1 Set
HCI Touch Screen Interface  
Feeding Method 2000W Japan Servo Motor
PLC Control System  
Total Power Required 8 Kw
Suitable for string like zipper profile  
Selective Equipment
Automatic Slider Insertion Perforating Knife
White Tape Reinforcement Unit Gusseting Unit
Varies Hole Punch Unit CE Self Declaration Modification
Triangular Folding Unit with EPC Hanger Insertion Unit