Classification : THS series 3-5 Axis Servo Series
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-3-3811613
Fax: 886-3-3818559
Contact Person: Vic Chen
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‧ Equipped with mold document for management function (file)
‧ Free programmable palletizing/ stacking 3D screen
‧ User friendly FREE programmable / TEACH
‧ Built-in PLC software (ladder)
Molding Machine Size (ton) 180-250 250-350
A. Full length 2420/2500 2630/2730
B. Full width 1425 1525
C. Height of main arm 1475 1645
D. height of sub arm X/1475 X/1645
E. max. radius of products 337 337
F. min. distance bw 2 arms X/60 X/60
G. stand-bv of mian arm 86 136
H. stand-bv of sub arm X/133 X/183
I. distance bw main arm to base 120/255 110/245
J. distance bw sub arm to base X/105 X/95
K. max. for. pos. of main arm 790 880
R. Height control box 770 820
Y.Control box to main arm center 810/870 910/970
X.Traverse stroke 1370 1500
U. height of base 275 325
Zm. up/down stroke of main arm 800 900
Zs. up/down stroke of sub arm X/850 X950