Classification : Drying and Dehumidifying
Country: Taiwan
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  • Microprocessor is used for accurate temperature control.

  • Digital P.I.D. temperature control with LED display.

  • Overheat protection to ensure reliable operation.

  • 7-day automatic start/stop timer to improve energy saving.

  • Unique design of downblow air pipe can spread hot air evenly, keeping plastics dry and temperature stable to raise drying efficiency.

  • Models SHD-80U and above have material clearance door to make the clean more convenient and effective.

  • SHD-450U and models below are equipped with stainless steel lining aluminium base. SHD-600U~1200U are equipped with aluminium magnetic base. SHD-1500U and model above are equipped with manual butterfly valve.

  • Floor stand and safety protective ladder are standard equipments for SHD-1500U and models above.

  • Cyclone dust separator, exhaust air filter, magnetic base and blower inlet filter are optional.

  • Hot air recycler, suction box, hopper magnetic, N type floor stand and storage hopper are optional.

  • Safety protective ladder is optional for SHD-1500U and models above.

  • SHD-U-HD heatless dehumidifying hot-air dryer, fit with heatless regenerative device, which can supply dried air with relative low dew-point for speedup materials drying.

  • SHD-U-HD heatless dehumidifying hot-air dryer, standard with hot air recyclers, which can save energy effectively. Without dust discharging, which ensures environment protection.

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