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  • Smooth Reel to Reel Method with High Capacity of Maximun 60 meter per minute.
  • Easy Operation for Twisting and Gusseting by Turning the Printing Area to Central Position of Gusst Area.
  • Various Gusset Depth for Different Bag Sizes are Available and Adjustable.
  • Idea Design for Laminated Woven Bag and BOPP Woven Bag.
Processing Bag width 400-680mm
Gusset Fold-ln Depth 50-90mm Adjustable

Processing Size of the Gusset Bag

Size Large Bag Gusset Size Medium Bag Gusset Size Small Bag Gusset Size
Bag width before gusset 500-640 mm 420-540 mm 290-420 mm
Bag width after gusset 320-540 mm 240-440 mm 160-320 mm