Plate Automatic Jointing Machine PTR-500

Classification : High-Precision Laminating Cutting Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Patented Automatic Receiving Mechanism:

Performs the material jointing work automatically.

Automatic Charging Mechanism:

The vacuum robot is used to move the material to the designed position automatically.

Servo Transmission Control:

Uses 3-axle servomotor to perform high-speed transmission and positioning.

Versatile Dimension Flexibility:

The parameter fine-tuning can be performed according to the characteristics of different materials.

Automatic Feeding Mechanism:

Delivers the jointed material automatically.

Parameter Storing System:

Performs module-based memory for the production figures to facilitate the parameter management.

All types of printing and plate-type materials.

Model PTR-500
Maximum 300mm
Laminating Efficiency 1 pcs/2.5 sec
Motor (HP) 220V 60Hz 3P
Air Pressure Requirement 0.5Mpa
Weight of Main Unit 1000kg