Classification : Bag Making Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-5-221-7967
Fax: 886-5-221-7996
Contact Person: Eric Kuo
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● Germany made high-sensitivity photo cell device which can catch printing mark correctly. 
● When the print is inaccurate position, the machine will stop automatically. 
● Inverter control Speed, easy operation, reduce electronic consumption. 
● This machine use continuously working system, and adopted some auto stopping alarm drive. Ex:when the film finish,
the machine will stop automatically. 
● Apodting two time automatic changing coreless rolls devic. 
● This machine can produce table sheet, garbage bag and C type bag by perforating. 
● It saves labors, time and ia profitable in mass production. 
● It is a environment friendly machine, it can save the material of core.
Model RF+W2
(Cycles / Min)
Max. 140
230×2 Lines
Max. 1100
Bag Thickness
Air Compressor
(Not Included)
5 HP