Classification : Blown Film Machine
Country: Taiwan
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● High productivity.
● Used a water cooling system makes a high productivity after compared with air cooling system.
● Water cooling system makes glossier and more transparent PP film for food or garment packing.
● Cut down the production cost, due to high productivity. (Less material lost and labor requirement.)
● Machine operation area can be saved, with easy installation works.
● No skilled operation are required, due to a special of trouble and time saving device to be used to change sizing ring.

※ Application

Garbage bag, Grocery bag, Packaging bags, shopping bag, T-shirt bag.

Model No. PP-45 PP-50 PP-55 PP-65
Screw 45mm 50mm 55mm 65mm
Max. width 300mm 400mm 500mm 650mm
Output 30kg/hr 40kg/hr 50kg/hr 60kg/hr
Thickness 0.02~0.06mm 0.02~0.06mm 0.02~0.06mm 0.02~0.06mm