PET Bottle Turnkey / Whole Plant Planning Solution

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Whole Plant Planning Solutions

We are the best of the specialists. Not only can we provide production equipment that caters to all your needs, our extensive experiences can also provide you with the best production consultation, including:

  • Comprehensive before-sales consultation
  • Integrated injection and blowing system planning
  • Injection technology services, hardware planning, peripheral and system
  • Integrated blowing, filling and capping solutions
  • Smart factory planning, education and training

Cost-Effective and Productive Solutions

Phoenix Series(8000 bottler /hour)

  • Applicable for small volume, diversified production modes
  • Initial market investment, low investing costs

W/L Series(1300 bottles/hour)

  • Applicable for large bottles, wide neck bottles, bottles with handles, and special specification bottles

High Productivity Solution

Fully Electric L Series (24000 bottles / hour)
  • Applicable for large bottles, water bottles, beverage bottles, and cooking oil bottles etc.
  • Cost effective, suitable for clients with high production requirements

High Texture Solution

One-Stage Series -NEW!
  • Does not require buying of preform or additional procurement of injection machine; one machine satisfies all production needs.
  • Can produce specification bottles that normally require two-step machinery
  • Product has high texture, allowing application in high value products, such as cosmetics, daily necessities, and medical supplies.
  • Two-stage heating is not necessary, allowing more energy conservation and reduced expenses compared to traditional production methods