High Productivity PET Blow Molding Machine L Series

Classification : PET Blow Molding Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-2338-8289
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Contact Person: Rex Yang
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Preform Infeed System:

1.The entire series is fixated on the machine to reduce machine configuration space.
2.The preform infeed system has multiple levels of protection system to ensure precise preform infeed and zero deficient products.
3.Uses continuous preform infeed system.

Transfer System:

1.Effectively reduces heating distance, energy consumption, and increases heating efficiency.
2.Horizontal level configuration; preform does not have to be turned; simple structure

Heating System:

1.When replacing the lamps, the heating oven can be turned over on the machine for maintenance.
2.The water pipe directly runs through the heating oven to protect the valve.
3.Optimized ventilation system allows cooling of preform surface.
4.Preform temperature monitoring functions

Transfer and Variable Pitch System:

1.Servo-driven preform transfer system with grippers secured on the timing belt.
2.Servo-driven variable pitch system for fast and accurate preform handling between two components

Blowing and Clamping System:

Servo-driven clamping system with CAM synchronized base mold operation

Pressure / Blowing System:

Uses a combination of high-speed and precision blowing valves to achieve high productivity

Control System:

1.Touch-panel interface for easy operation.
2.10.4 inch LCD touch screen with 64K color


1.Connected structure in fully electric version ensures high speed operation and precise positioning
2.Uses fast mold replacement structure
3.Low energy consumption, low wear and tear, and low pollution

Mold Max.capacity
Neck Lnt-diameter
Spindle chain pitch Cavity Output BPH
CPSB-L1G 12-20 ltr MAX, 72mm 90 1 900 (12L)
CPSB-L1GM 12-20 ltr MAX, 72mm 90 1 250~900
CPSB-L2GM 12-20 ltr MAX, 72mm 90 2 500~1800
CPSB-LS2G 4-12 ltr MAX, 72mm 90 2 1800 (12L)
CPSB-LL3 6 ltr MAX, 55 mm 76 3 3600 (5L)
CPSB-L3M 5 ltr MAX, 42 mm 50 3 5400 (0.6L)
CPSB-LL4 6 ltr MAX, 55 mm 76 4 4800 (6L)
CPSB-L4M 3 ltr MAX, 30/25 mm 38 4 7200 (0.6L)
CPSB-LS6 2 ltr MAX, 38mm 50 6 13500 (0.6L)
CPSB-LS6H 1 ltr MAX, 38mm 50 3 7000 (0.5L)
CPSB-LS7M 1.5 ltr MAX, 30mm 50 7 14000 (0.6L)
CPSB-LS8 2 ltr MAX, 38mm 50 8 14400 (0.6L)
CPSB-LSS8 0.6 ltr MAX, 30/25mm 38 8 18000 (0.6L)
CPSB-LS9 1.5 ltr MAX, 30/25mm 38 9 16200 (0.6L)
CPSB-LS10 1.5 ltr MAX, 30/25mm 38 10 18000 (0.6L)
CPSB-LSS12 0.6 ltr MAX, 30/25mm 38 12 11200 (0.6L)
CPSB-LSS12H 0.6 ltr MAX, 30/25mm 38 12 11200 (0.6L)