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FCM-65 is the monofilament making machine with beam type winder which suits HDPE raw material.
It is suitable for our model SR-R, SR-RF and DR-R knitting machines.
The winder is direct beam type so it does not need to use warping machine.
Customer can save the working process of warping and the plant space.

1.Special specifications are also available.
2.Manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications without notice.

  • Suitable for Raschel knitting machine SR-R, SR-RF or DR-R Series.
  • Direct beam type winding, saving the space and cost of warping machine.
  • Suitable for 14” x 17” beam.
Model FCM-65
Extruder Screw Dia.
Screw L/D
Max. Output
Driving Motor
Heater Capacity
Temperature Control
65 mm
30 : 1
65 kg / hr
20HP x 6P
6~7 points
Cooling Device Cooling Type Water Cooling Tank
A Take-off Unit: A Type
Driving Motor
7 pcs. of roller
Extension Device Type
Heater Capacity
Hot Water
B Take-off Unit: B Type
Driving Motor
7 pcs. of roller
Annealing Device Type
Heater Capacity
Hot Water or Hot Air
12KW or 24.3KW
C Take-off Unit: C Type
Driving Motor
7 pcs. of roller
Winder Type
Total Beams
Driving Motor
Direct Beam
2~6 pcs. of beam
1kg-m torque motor
Waste Material Winder Driving Motor 0.5kg-m torque motor
Dimension L x W x H (mm) 20,673 x 1,080 x 2,900 (mm)