Off-Line Flexo Printing Machine 6 Color FSP-RH6000-1000

Classification : FSP Off-Line Flexo Printing Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2674-7799
Fax: +866-2-2674-7818
Contact Person: Linda Liu
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Single unwind and rewind station, both with auto tension control, the main driving system is a.c. Motor 7.5hp, equipped the simply hoist system 250 kgs, help for the rolls to put on the unwinding station. 

Films go to the printing station with the banana roller to spread the films much even, and printing station with individually drying pipe providing the printed films for the primary drying, machine with t5 working light keep the working place very bright, upper side with overhead big drying chamber enlarge heating capacities cooperate with the blower ensure the films can be dried accordance with high speed.
Color Flexible:6+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3 
Max Film Passing Width:800~1700mm 
Max Printing Width:700~1600mm 
Repeat Printing Length:300~1000mm