Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Temperature Controller - TC500

Classification : Hot Runner Temperature Controllers


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  • Wiring Friendly design
  • Easy swapping for individual module failures
  • Compact size, light weight, installed directly on the injection molding machine
  • Automatic ID recognition
  • Fast alternative for 230V / 380V power input
  • Built-in NFB switch

ARICO - The Best Solution Of Hot Runner Temperature Controllers
ARICO Technology and worldwide's rubber and plastic injection industry manufacturers have cultivated a long and stable co-operation relationship between us for many years. We was founded in 1987, base on sophisticated manufacturing technology, and focus on the research and development and innovation of industrial control instrument technology. We are not only good at producing customized precision Hot Runner Temperature Controllers and related application equipment, but also provides high-quality Hot Runner Temperature Controllers with the most convenient setting mechanism, stable quality, at a reasonable price to manufacturers in Taiwan, China, the United States, India, Argentina, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Southeast Asia and other countries. In addition to accumulating and stabilizing partners for related instruments with Hot Runner Temperature Controllers, ARICO continues to conduct research and development in order to provide more stable and efficient machine stability, just for achieving a higher efficiency and stable instrument technology level on temperature control, displacement sensing, pressure sensing, injection molding machine IoT on rubber and plastic industry.

  • Built-in NFB switch
  • Auto/Manual function
  • PID auto temperature control
  • Current, output percentage display function
  • Setting for output percentage limit
  • Heat sink temperature detection
  • Selectable two thermocouple types (J / K)
  • Selectable two temperature scales (°C / °F)
  • Selectable six alarm modes
  • Selectable two output trigger modes (Phase angle / Zero cross)
  • Temperature range: Thermocouple K TYPE:0~600°C(32~999°F) / J TYPE:0~600°C(32~999°F)
  • RS485 communication function: ASCII and RTU mode
  • Thermocouple break and inverse detect
  • Detection for heater open and short circuits
  • Detection fuse breakage
  • Automatic shutdown for heater abnormality
  • Automatic switch to manual mode if thermocouple breaks