In-line Flexo Printing Machine LS-HS2 (20 ~ 130m/min)

Classification : In-line Flexo Printing Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Linda Liu
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This is high speed type in-line printing press accordance with the extruder the maximum printing speed can up to 120M/min., enlarge the drying capacities and use the 360 front and rear turning gear system, able to adjust the color position front and rear during the machine in printing job. 
2 printing stations in the same way, convenience customer to check the printing quality and operating, machine can print one side 2 color combination, in-put with the dancing roller to control the films goes into the printing station very even and smooth with drying chamber ensure the printed pattern and color can be dried accordance with the high speed, continuously printing save the time and process for operation. 

2 Color

Web Width: 600mm ~ 1800mm 
Printing Width: 500mm ~ 1700mm 
Repeat Printing Length: 250mm ~ 1000mm