4 Color Inline Type Flexo Printing Machine: LS-5 Model

Classification : In-line Flexo Printing Machine
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2674-7799
Fax: +866-2-2674-7818
Contact Person: Linda Liu
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Main transporting system adopt the advanced 360 degree turning gear box, on each printing station with the front and rear control device, during the machine in printing, it can directly control the color position in 360 degree front and rear position, the in-line 4 color printing press can save the primary preparation of color adjustment, and save the most waste materials, very economic and convenience. 

4 Color Flexo Printing
Web Width: 600mm ~ 1800mm 
Printing Width: 500mm ~ 1700mm 
Repeat Printing Length: 250mm ~ 1000mm

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